1. What does the experience consist off?

    Amazing menu that will keep you on your seat, every course will influence different taste buds.

  2. What about allergies or other restrictions?

    For this menu we are able to accommodate most of the allergies. For further questions please send us an email at: brasserierestaurant@conservatoriumhotel.com

  3. Is there an vegetarian menu available?

    Yes, please let us know in advance!

  4. Is there a dress code?

    Casual chique

  5. Are childeren welcome?

    Yes, children are welcome!

  6. How long the experience will take?

    Roughly 2,5 hours

  7. Can I get a refund once purchased? Can I exchange my booking for a different night?

    No unfortunately not, but bookings are completely transferable. Please let us know by email on brasserierestaurant@conservatoriumhotel.com

  8. Can I increase/decrease the size of my party?

    If the Brasserie has availability we can increase the party size. Decreasing your party size is possible but we are unable to refund the experience.

  9. Can I take photos in the Brasserie?

    Yes, but please respect the privacy of our guests.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.

Brasserie & Lounge Conservatorium hotel

Amsterdam, NH

Essential to their vision of elegance, good living and cultural distinction has been the creation of restaurants and bars which appeal to guests of the hotel, Amsterdam's locals and the city’s international visitors. All dining at the Conservatorium is under the direction of the celebrated Dutch-chef, Schilo van Coevorden. His style of food has continuously evolved through the years, adapting and adopting traditions from all over the world while retaining the virtues of simplicity and keeping...+ More

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